Play Aviator at Pin-Up Casino (Demo or Real Money)

Pin Up Aviator is currently one of the most popular games worldwide. It was developed by Spribe and is considered one of the first in the crash games genre. This guide explains how to play the Aviator game, its unique features, and what strategies to use to have more fun. 

What Is Aviator: Gameplay and Popularity

Pin Up Aviator game is based on a multiplier that increases your initial bet(s). Users must be fast enough to withdraw their multiplied winnings before the multiplier disappears. However, failing to cash out on time leads to losing the bet and a chance to win. That’s why Aviator is a crash game — the multiplier “crashes,” or in this case, flies away.

Users can play Aviator at Pin Up Canada in an animated or simplified mode. The animated mode means seeing a plane (multiplier) flying on the screen. The simplified mode only shows the multiplier increasing and when the sign that it flew away (when that happens). You can switch off animation in the Aviator settings — it’s an excellent option for people playing from phones with limited Internet traffic.

One of the reasons Aviator is so famous is its simplicity. As mentioned, your main goal is to place a wager and withdraw it once multiplied. You don’t have to understand the pay lines, the winning combinations, etc. The rules are simple, and Aviator is considered beginner-friendly.

Another reason why players enjoy Aviator is the ability to control their winnings. Yes, Aviator is based on RNG, just like slots, but you have more control over how much you win — you may withdraw early and gain a small gift. You solely depend on luck in slots, while skill-based games are often too complicated. 

How to Play Aviator Game at Pin Up: Short Guide

As mentioned, Aviator Pin Up has simple rules, so you can read our instructions and immediately enjoy the fun. Let’s start with important interface features:

  • Main screen. It shows the plane and the current multiplier number. 
  • Control panel. It’s located below the main screen and split into two sections for each wager, as Aviator allows placing two bets simultaneously.
  • Statistics. Users can see all previous multipliers on top of the main screen.
  • All bets section. This category shows players’ wagers and winnings. There’s also a tab with your bets and top day/month/year winnings.

So, how to play Aviator? Unlike slot machines, Aviator provides more control over the gameplay. Here’s how to start:

  • Launch the game by choosing “Play.” 
  • Place one or two bets using “Bet.” You can set up different wager amounts, like 10 CAD and 40 CAD.
  • Wait for the session to begin. The plane can fly up or down and may fly away at any moment, even immediately after launch.
  • Withdraw winnings by pressing “Cash out” before the multiplier flies away.

It’s the guide on how to place bets manually, but you can also set up autoplay. Here’s how to do it:

  • Switch from “Bet” to “Auto” in both wager sections. 
  • Set up the wager size and the multiplier to auto cash out (like 1.1x).
  • Click autoplay, choose the number of rounds and other settings, like when to stop initiating rounds.

Players often use strategies involving manual and autoplay wager placement to minimize losses. 

Winning Tips and Strategies in Aviator

Pin-Up Casino-aviator

First, you can’t trick or hack the system when playing Aviator. It’s based on RNG (Random Number Generator) and Provably Fair technology. You may check the fairness of each session by going to Aviator’s settings and finding the Provably Fair tool.

However, you can benefit from tips and strategies that minimize losses. These are the top tips to use at Pin Up Casino Canada:

  • Set a budget. You must dedicate a certain amount of money you can lose without harming your financial well-being. For instance, set aside 350 CAD for your weekly budget on Aviator. You can spread it out, like investing 50 CAD each day, without exceeding the limit, even if you win a fortune.
  • Use autoplay mode and set win/loss limits. The autoplay mode lets you set the number of rounds from 10 to 100. Additionally, set limits on stopping the game when the cash decreases/increases by a certain amount or when a single win exceeds a specific number.
  • Cash out on time. The most important part is to withdraw before the plane flies away. It’s impossible to guess when it happens, so we recommend using the auto cash-out button. Choose the multiplier, like 2x, and switch on auto-cash out. Place a bet, and once the multiplier reaches 2x, the system will automatically collect your winnings.

You may also use popular strategies, like Martingale or Fibonacci. These strategies require players to increase their bets after each loss until they win. They are based on the idea that one big win can cover previous losses.

Pin Up Bonuses for Aviator 

The Pin Up casino website has numerous generous promotions. You can use some of them to maximize your experience when playing Aviator. This is the list of main promotions at Pin-Up:

  • Welcome bonus for registration and first deposit. Gamers get a 120% deposit match and 250 free spins (if they bet 50 CAD). You can activate the bonus during registration, but you should verify your identity after signing up.
  • Free spins. Players sometimes get free spins as part of a big promotion (like in the previous example) or as promo codes. You can get codes if you join Pin-Up’s social media accounts on Instagram and Telegram.
  • Up to 10% cashback. Users get cashback on losses from the previous week every Monday. The cashback percentage depends on the amount of losses. 
  • Other promotions. PinUp provides a Gift Box bonus, a loyalty program of Pincoins, and special offers during holidays like Easter, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, etc. 

Pin-Up also has a “Tournaments” section. Players can participate in contests to compete for huge reward pools and win jackpots. These tournaments often require gamblers to play certain games, like Aviator. Note: Aviator is available in demo mode (free version), but this version won’t use your bonuses.

Aviator in Your Phone: Mobile Version and App 

Canadian players can enjoy Aviator from their phones. Aviator is based on HTML5, so it’s compatible with computers, tablets, and phones. Moreover, the official website of Pin-Up online casino is available in desktop and mobile versions. Users can also install and download the casino app if they have Android devices (the iOS app is currently in development).

The mobile version is ideal if you want to avoid installing anything or you have an iOS device. It looks just like the official app, and you can create a bookmark on your iPhone/iPad home page for fast access to Aviator. All bonuses are also available for the mobile version.

The official app is excellent for Android players. It has a user-friendly design, and provides fast access to Aviator and other games. You may use the mobile version, but downloading the app is more logical since it was created specifically for phones and tablets. 

Responsible Gambling when Playing Aviator 

Pin Up encourages responsible gambling and provides access to resources to prevent addiction. Materials about responsible gambling can be found on the official Pin Up website. Visit the main page and scroll to the “Responsible Gambling” section.

This category contains tips on how to manage funds and what to do if you believe you’re developing an addiction. We also suggest using these instructions to gamble responsibly:

  • Set budget limits. You may use a separate card or e-wallet and transfer cash to that account for gambling. 
  • Track your expenses. You can download free apps that help track gambling expenses.
  • Learn how to recognize a problem. Uncontrollable online gambling or chasing losses might mean that you’re developing an addiction. In this case, it’s recommended that support be sought.

You can contact PinUp support (24/7 live chat) and ask them to temporarily suspend your account by providing your player ID. 

Pin Up Aviator is a crash game with a multiplier. 
The main goal is to cash out winnings before the plane disappears. You can also use our Spribe Aviator game tricks and strategies. 
Yes, you can play Aviator for free as a demo version. Choose “Demo” instead of “Play” when launching Aviator.