Nuances of Pincoins Use in Pin Up Casino Canada

Pin Up is a company formed in 2016 and started operating in Canada in 2018. It is famous not only for being content-rich but also for having one of the best bonus systems. A perfect example of that is the loyalty program called Pincoins. It is designed to reward gamblers for their engagement and activity by revolving around a special currency, PNC. For beginners, it is important to dive into details on what makes this program important. 

What Exactly is Pincoins Pin Up

Pincoins Pin Up is a virtual currency received and used exclusively within the brand’s online ecosystem. It works as a reward system for gamblers, who participate in promotions of the site and accumulate these coins through different types of activities. The purpose of accumulating these coins is simple — they can be exchanged for goods. They include:

  • extra funds to play casino games;
  • getting free spins to enjoy slot machines without money risks;
  • exchanging these coins for access to exclusive promotions or participation in special tournaments;
  • upgrading the account status to higher levels within the loyalty program.

This is only a glimpse of the main scenarios for Pincoin usage.

Advantages of Pincoins

This Pincoins program introduces the player to a comprehensive list of benefits. Among the key advantages to get:

  • rewards for player’s activity and loyalty to the brand;
  • additional value to each bit of content currently available on the site;
  • access to exclusive deals;
  • account level upgrades within the VIP program.

The key to why this system is so impressive and valuable — is the flexibility in exchanging virtual currency for various rewards. 

Different Levels of Loyalty Programs

The Pincoins Pin Up loyalty program consists of several levels, each with a set of unique rewards as well as requirements. Gamblers should not only accumulate more of these coins but also remember that they have their wagering requirements. It is easy to get better benefits if you know what to expect from them. More details are provided in the table below. 

LevelPincoins RequiredExchange RateWager LimitPincoins Per Level
Thrill Seeker9999300:15070
Fortune’s Favourite14999240:15080
Good Luck Catcher19999180:15090
Gambling Lord24999120:140

The higher your level gets, the better exchange rates become. Each offers more Pincoins and provides gamblers with more excellent goods on their way to becoming the best player on the platform.

Methods to Acquire Pincoins

Players can get rewards after they get registered within multiple categories of interaction with the platform: 

  • Welcome Bonuses. The player should complete the registration on the site by providing full details. By doing so, it is possible to activate the sign-up bonus, which leads to some additional rewards as a part of this program;
  • Gameplay Rewards. This activity category requires the gambler to use real money while playing games online to progress through the VIP program;
  • Milestone Rewards. This is the type of activity that requires the player to accumulate a specific number of coins to achieve a certain level in the program and, as a result — earn even more Pincoins Pin Up;
  • Periodic Earnings. Watch for daily login bonuses, weekly challenges, or even monthly rewards. They are worth your attention if you aim to accumulate as many coins as possible.

These are the main ways to get more from this loyalty program.

Finish These Tasks and Receive Your Pincoins as a Reward

You can rest assured there are enough tasks to complete if you want more virtual currency from this website. Here is what you need to do:

  • Daily Pincoins. It is possible to earn this virtual currency on each day of the week simply by completing tasks like making a deposit, playing certain games from partners of the platform;
  • Loyalty Program Levels. To earn more coins, you just need to accumulate them and play games for real money to progress through the loyalty program levels;
  • Casino Tasks. The website provides tasks for players of specific game categories that are currently available on the site;
  • Tournaments and Leaderboards. Participating in tournaments and climbing leaderboards can also reward Pincoins for top performers.

Take note of these tasks and grab more coins due to your passion for gambling on this website. 

Ways to Earn Your Initial Pincoins

New gamblers of this website should know how to get their first PNCs right after registration. Here is what to do:

  • Registration. Right after the sign-up on the site and first deposit, users get a welcome bonus in the form of some coins;
  • Account Verification. By verifying the account and providing all the necessary documents, you get rewards in the form of additional PNCs;
  • Email Confirmation. You should confirm the email address you provided during the signup procedure;
  • First Real Money Round. Users get a coin reward by playing the first real money round on any game. 

Now, it is essential to learn how to exchange PNCs for bonuses. 

Guide on How to Trade Pincoins at Pin Up Casino

This website makes it easy for gamblers to exchange their accumulated coins for various rewards. The process is straightforward:

  • Visit the Pincoins section in your account dashboard;
  • Select the desired reward;
  • Enter the number of PNCs you wish to exchange;
  • Review the exchange rate and confirm the transaction.

The exchanged rewards will be instantly credited to your account, allowing you to enjoy the benefits immediately.

Pincoins Conversion Rate

The exchange rate for Pincoins Pin Up varies based on the player’s loyalty program level. The table below breaks down the exchange rates for each program.

LevelExchange Rate
Thrill Seeker300:1
Fortune’s Favourite240:1
Good Luck Catcher180:1
Gambling Lord120:1

Higher levels offer more favourable exchange rates, allowing players to get more value for their Pincoins.

Conditions For Using Pincoins on Pin Up

While enjoying the benefits of PNCs, players should be aware of the following terms and conditions:

  • these coins have no monetary value and cannot be withdrawn as cash or cryptocurrency;
  • PNCs are non-transferable and cannot be traded or sold to other players;
  • they are earned from gift boxes or promotional offers and may have specific terms and conditions attached;
  • casino reserves the right to modify or cancel the Pincoins program at any time;
  • responsible gaming practices should always be followed when participating in the VIP program.

The casino is committed to promoting responsible gaming and encourages players to gamble within their means and set appropriate limits.

Finishing With The Pincoins

The Pincoins Pin Up system is a unique and rewarding loyalty program that offers players numerous benefits and incentives. By engaging with the casino and completing various tasks, players can accumulate PNCs and exchange them for bonuses, free spins, and even real money rewards. With multiple levels and an attractive exchange rate structure, the program provides a compelling reason for players to continue their journey at the casino.


No, PNCs do not have any monetary value and cannot be withdrawn as cash. They are a virtual currency used solely within the casino ecosystem.
There is no specific limit on the number of PNCs you can earn at the casino. The more you engage with the casino and complete tasks, the more Pincoins you accumulate.
PNCs do not expire as long as your account remains active. If your account is inactive for an extended period, your Pincoins may be subject to expiration or forfeiture.
They are non-transferable and cannot be traded or sold to other players. They are tied to your casino account.
Yes, bonuses obtained by exchanging coins may have wagering requirements. It is essential to review the specific terms and conditions associated with each bonus before claiming it.